Seeking freelance C++ developer


We’re an international company, with offices in USA and UK, looking to hire a freelance developer to improve our Win/Mac desktop application.


  • C++ software engineer
  • Experience in application development for Windows and Mac OS.

Bonus qualifications:

  • Experience with JUCE framework
  • Experience with digital imaging and/or printing
  • BS/MS/PhD in software engineering or related study

Initial goals:

  • Stabilize thread concurrency
  • Performance optimizations
  • General code refactoring

If interested in applying, please PM your qualifications.



I am highly interested to work over the project for you. Can you please reach me at below mentioned details. I will share more details of mine over an email.

Skype: cisin.karen

Em-ail :

Reply Awaited.

@karenm don’t you think it might give you a better chance if you followed the instructions? I would run a mile from anyone who didn’t, as it doesn’t bode well for being able to understand requirements going forward. :wink:


I suspect that account is some kind of bot triggered by keywords in posts. It always responds to job inquiries, sometimes with slightly different emails.
If you search with google, you will notice that the same email is used to reply to a very wide range of open positions, therefore I guess it’s some trick to gather valid addresses for spam purposes.
Just my 2 cents anyway, if it proves to be otherwise, my apologies.



I am Karen, representing an IT company not a spammer. I have 6+ years experience in C++ Dev also strong hands on Windows and Mac OS. Please have a look at our portfolio:


Aha, that explains the aaron.cis and other accounts, but my original comment still holds true :smiley:

Very cool!
Then I’m sure this topic demonstrated some other important factors, rather than programming experience alone, to take in consideration when applying for a job.
For example:

  1. following the instruction explained by the potential employer for applying may be important
  2. mentioning beforehand that you represent a whole company may also be beneficial for those who do a simple google search and become suspicious because of the broadness of offers you respond to.
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