Segfault in juce_ComponentPeer.cpp line 130

Using 5.0.1-3-gad91546 on Windows. Two of my beta testers have been experiencing a segfault once or twice a day since I upgraded to Juce 5. The signal #11 I’m seeing logged is:

file=juce_ComponentPeer.cpp line=130 text=caught signal #11

Looking at the code, line 130 is the catch statement from ComponentPeer::handlePaint() in juce_gui_basics/windows/juce_ComponentPeer.cpp:

    component.paintEntireComponent (g, true);

Any chance this rings a bell, or has anyone else been running into this?

Well, Windows will helpfully catch segfaults and bravely attempt to carry on - it’s most likely a plain old null reference crash or something. You might want to try adding a stack to the crash log to help catch it?

You can also just try turning the exceptions off to see the real underlying crash.