Selling/Transfering Plug-in's Rights / Company


I want to sell my plug-ins’ rights as bundle to other company or whole company.

Codes will be updated and GUIs will be re-designed for your company for free. Also free support for a limited time.

If you interest, please contact for details.


Still available…


Still on sale

Perhaps you should provide some actual information about the plug-ins here, so people know what they’re buying into?

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Thanks in advice but other informations for who interested in only. So i can’t tell more…


Urgent bump!

Please contact via official email for details.

99% of users here are either developers for bigger companies and so have little to do with business level stuff like this, or they’re indie devs who can’t afford (money-wise or time-wise) to take on plug-ins from someone else that they’d have to put huge amount of effort into to adapt to their own style. (Or academics, hobbyists, etc).

You’d be better off contacting some companies directly who you think might be interested and/or advertising on other forums such as KVR.



Thanks in advice.

Already did what you said.

But i saw forum about jobs and wanted to share…

I believe this is my last bump :slight_smile:

We are always interested in algorithms, new FX etc. but it seems the whole company is centered around various different analog-style EQs. Is there something more we might be missing?


First aim is selling company but of course possible to sell-transfer algos and single plugin.

If you interested in, please contact via email. I can provide more info.


Some details…

You need to know beginner level circuit drawing. Cause analog modeling framework will convert your circuits to C++. This code will be ready to use code. Don’t need to any work on codes.

As i said i will teach you that how it works. It’s easy to use.

If you buy only plugin right and assests, price will be cheaper instead of buying company name and whole things.


Still on sale.

Two options, plugins’ rights or company.

At what point are you going to understand that nobody here seems to be interested?

@reFX asked you if there is some innovation you bring to the table, but you didn’t even bother to respond what exactly your company does.

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He replied in private, but there was nothing of interest to us.

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