Semi-transparent image drag on AUV3 (iOS)

Hello jucers,
I’m trying to create a draggable reordering of components (4 small blocks in a row). My issue is that the code I set up is working on iOS only when I use it in an Application, not within an AUv3 plugin.
Really confused on whether this is something I’m doing wrong or a juce bug - strange thing is that on Desktop + iOS(Application) it works perfectly.
I’ll appreciate any hint on how to make this work thanks!!!

environment : juce 6.0.7 + Ipad Mini 4 + iOS 14.4

DragAndDropContainer* dragContainer = DragAndDropContainer::findParentDragContainerFor (this);
Image dragImage;
dragImage = createComponentSnapshot (getLocalBounds(), true, 1.0f).convertedToFormat (Image::ARGB);
dragImage.multiplyAllAlphas (0.8f);
if (! dragContainer->isDragAndDropActive())
dragContainer->startDragging (“childComponent”, this, dragImage, true);

Actually testing this on a real device works fine on a juce application (I can see the semi transparent dragImage being dragged around) but nothing happens within an AUv3 gui on iOS (tested with AUM/Cubase and others)

NOTE: the drag/drop operations are 100% ok on AUV3, only the moving dragImage disappears - this is purely a “paint” issue inside of createComponentSnapshot IMHO.

Also: tried to directly dump an existing drawable into the dragImage, thinking it was an issue related to bounds calculation, as follows (but no success)

Image snapshot (Image::ARGB, getLocalBounds().getWidth(), getLocalBounds().getHeight(), true);
Graphics g (snapshot);
g.beginTransparencyLayer (0.8f);
drawable->drawWithin (g, getLocalBounds().toFloat(), RectanglePlacement::fillDestination, 1.0f);
if (! dragContainer->isDragAndDropActive())
dragContainer->startDragging (“childComponent”, this, snapshot , true);