Send string to plugin?

I have a situation where I would like to be able to programmatically send a string to a VST that I’ve built and that I’m hosting in my app, but I never seem to receive anything inside of the VST. Here’s my shotgun approach trying anything I can think of after loading the plugin:

String test = "test";
m_poTrack->trackPlugins.back()->pluginInstance->changeProgramName(1, "Test test");
m_poTrack->trackPlugins.back()->pluginInstance->setCurrentProgramStateInformation(test.getCharPointer(), test.length());

In the plugin, I’ve overridden each of these methods, but for some reason it seems as if the base processor methods are being called instead of the overriden ones. I’ve attached a debugger and I can see that the plugin is being created and instantiated correctly, but none of these commands are sending anything in.

Is there some flag that I’m missing or something obvious that I’m forgetting to do? Or maybe another way to send a string to the plugin, preferably without IPC?

I’m not sure about the issue with your overridden methods not being called, but in any case, I wouldn’t use program name changing as a way t communicate string data.

I would look into OSC messages, you can send string formatted data or opaque binary blobs, and JUCE has good support for OSC in the juce_osc module.

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Thanks, bit the bullet and just implemented some messaging via pipes, all is well in the world. Cheers!