Sending audio samples over OSC sender

Hi all,
I’ve created a Flutter app that’s sort of like a walkie talkie, where a user speaks into one phone and their voice plays out the other. I’ve been having a lot of latency problems with my current implementation, so I’ve decided to try and use JUCE for the backend instead.
I’m hoping to maybe write a static JUCE library that could ship with the app and be activated by Flutter’s C++ interoperability. I’m thinking that I could use juce_osc to send audio samples, but I’m not really sure how to do that. Can I just grab the available audio buffer and send it with the OSCSender? How would I even do that? Is there a better way to implement this?
I’ve taken a long look at all of the JUCE tutorials and there is a lot of stuff that doesn’t apply to my usecase, so I’ve had a hard time finding what I need to learn. How can I record audio and send it with OSC, then receive the audio and play it somewhere else? I was wondering if anyone knows any good resources to learn from, or where a good place to start learning would be?