Sending eMail with juce

Is there an easy way of sending a simple text eMail in Juce?
I know of Process::openEmailWithAttachments(). But I’d like to send it without another program opening.

You can use StreamingSocket::connect (, 25); and talk to the server, search for smtp-protocol.
It’s fun, but most modern smtp server need ssl or other security mechanisms, since these old fashioned ones were often abused to send spam…

Use a service with a fully fledged API. Something like send grid. You can still send from your own email and just need to add some DNS entries to make it not get caught as spam.

Only problem is you going to be transmitting creds.

Another option is implementing a full SMTP server within your app which probably isn’t a good idea.

Or the best option is to create you own API and secure how you see fit and call directly from your own program.