Sending PluckedString to AudioRecorder

I have a PluckedString synth working nicely in a project meant for Android and iOS. I would now like to be able to press a Record button to capture any playback of the synth (which is triggered not by a keyboard but by a Play button linked to a list of notes). I’ve seen the AudioRecordingDemo.h file in the examples, but it’s not clear to me how to integrate this into my current code. Should I import the AudioRecorder class into the SoundManager file and add something to the getNextAudioBlock function? Or should I do everything within the AudioRecorder class? According to this post in the forum, the output of the synth would not be considered a ‘device’ from the perspective of the AudioIODeviceCallback. But the documentation for AudioIODevice says that devices include CoreAudio, which presumably the synth is. So I’m puzzled. Any help offered will be greatly appreciated.