Senior C++ dev wanted at MeldaProduction!

Are you looking for a new challenge in an exciting creativity-focused industry?

Join our small but highly successful team that’s proud to develop the Melda plug-ins, a groundbreaking suite of over 100 innovative audio effects and virtual instruments. Our goal is to produce the most complete audio processing and sound design plugin set and in fact, we are very close. Amongst other ideas, we now want to make MSoundFactory the ultimate software instrument and revolutionize mixing. Our software is being used by thousands of people worldwide, including known names such as deadmau5, Fab Dupont, James Newton Howard, Noisia and many more.
Joining the team you will support the development and maintenance of our C++ audio plug-in framework, DSP and GUI code, ensuring high quality and optimal performance…

You will be responsible for:

  • Developing new plugins and modules for our plugins.

  • Developing and maintaining new features for our plugins.

  • Fixing issues of our plugins.

  • Building and releasing the plugins.

Essential skills and experience:

  • Advanced cross-platform C++ programming (templates, lambdas, intrinsics, closures), to include thorough grasp of older (C++0x) and modern (C++17) dialects.

  • Visual Studio 20xx and XCode on Windows & macOS.

  • Software architectural know-how, including the ability to navigate and understand modular projects comprised of multiple dynamic libraries and many threads.

  • Love for music and audio, and demonstrable understanding of technical issues specific to audio development - glitch-free operation, realtime audio threads, Nyquist’s theorem etc.

  • Demonstrable understanding of build systems (IDE make, CMake etc.) and revision control practices.

  • Experience in debugging and troubleshooting plug-in code hosted in DAW projects.

  • Self-motivation and the ability to deliver effectively as an individual and on a small team.

Skills that will be considered an advantage:

  • Some knowledge of DSP - basic principles, sampling & filtering & nonlinear processing basics, spectral de/reconstruction, FFTs, convolution

  • Experience with low-level optimizations and an understanding of code performance issues and machine architecture (SIMD intrinsics, register and cache architecture - assembly language not required)

Why join us?

  • We offer fair and competitive compensation

  • We offer opportunities for personal and professional development via training and involvement in cross-team projects

  • We have flexible working hours with fully remote working, as we are a truly digital native team

  • We are an international team and you get to work with colleagues from all over the world. Also, that’s why English is our working language

  • We develop a product that is not only empowering musicians but is used to create the hit music you hear on streaming services and the airwaves every day

Interested? Let us know via or ;)

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