Senior Developer Needed (Expert Pay) for Desktop / Mobile Application Development (Headphone Calibration & Audio Enhancer)

Hello JUCE friends!

I am looking to hire a senior-level developer to build a stand-alone application for both desktop (Mac & Windows) and mobile (iOS & Android). The application will be commercially released for download on a webpage, and both Apple and Google’s desktop and mobile app stores.

This application’s main features will include the following:

Headphone Calibration: Users will select a calibration profile preset created by my measurements. Additionally, the user will be able to optimize their experience with the ability to modify parameters, including the mix amount (amount of calibration enhancement applied to the audio), crossfeed, and phase (Minimum phase for low latency and linear phase for highest quality monitoring), Preamp / Gain (ability to add back gain after auto gain reduction to prevent clipping from calibration presets).

Audio Enhancement: Users will select presets or make their own using various audio filters we offer inside the application: equalization (parametric and graphic), compression, multiband compression, exciter, and stereo width).

3D Audio: Users will be able to listen to their desktop or mobile audio in 3D using the latest state of the art 2D to 3D technology.

Mobile Media Library: Due to mobile OS limitations, users will need to navigate, select, and control their media inside our application. Users will be able to add and navigate their media applications (Spotify, Tidal, etc.) and locations (device storage, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.).

Desktop Application Audio Mixer Desktop users will have the ability to individually control how much audio enhancement (or none) will be applied to the software applications in use on their local system. Additionally, they will have the ability to control the volume for each application.

Additionally, many exciting first-of-its-kind features will be included in this application, which will be shared after finding the right candidate.

The developer responsibilities will be the following:

  1. Sole development of the application.
  2. Working with our graphic designer to implement the GUI
  3. Implementing 3rd party security to prevent piracy.
  4. Implementing 3rd party analytic tracking inside the application.
  5. Prepare the application for distribution with the ability to control user access and privileges within a database.
  6. Working with our back-end developer for preparation of release.

After the application is released, I would like to continue working with the same developer on the following (this will include additional pay - separate from the development of the application):

  1. Providing occasional bug fixes identified by customer support.
  2. Identifying, notifying, and providing application fixes needed for future OS updates that will break the application.
  3. User feedback optimizations.

I am seeking the most experienced and professional developer and am willing to pay WELL ABOVE the industry rate to obtain the best talent. Please reach out and inquire if your past experience and resume reflect this.

This project is a one-off where I am looking to pay a fixed rate with milestones or per hour based on an estimated schedule and realistic timeline.

If interested, please send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you!