Senior Developer Needed (Expert Pay) for Plugin Development (Real-Time Pitch Correction with Graphical Editor)

Hello JUCE friends!

We are looking to hire a senior-level developer to build a Pitch Correction plugin with a Graphical Editor. The plugin will be commercially released for download on our webpage and a few high-end market places.

The developer responsibilities will be the following:

  1. Sole development of the plugin.
  2. Working with our graphic designer to implement the GUI (design is currently finalized).
  3. Implementing 3rd party security to prevent piracy.
  4. Implementing 3rd party analytic tracking inside the application.
  5. Prepare the application for distribution with the ability to control user access and privileges within our database (we have this set up already on our previous plugins).
  6. Working with our back-end developer for preparation of release.

After the application is released, I would like to continue working with the same developer on the following (this will include additional pay - separate from the development of the application):

  1. Providing occasional bug fixes identified by customer support.
  2. Identifying, notifying, and providing application fixes needed for future OS updates that will break the application.
  3. User feedback optimizations.

I am seeking the most experienced and professional developer and am willing to pay WELL ABOVE the industry rate to obtain the best talent. Please reach out and inquire if your past experience and resume reflect this.

This project is a one-off where I am looking to pay a fixed rate with milestones or per hour based on an estimated schedule and realistic timeline. If the project goes well we have plenty of work in the pipeline and would look forward to a long term relationship or a full time hire (if interested).

If interested, please send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you!


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