Separate application windows question

Howdy. I had a tutorial video maker recently ask me if it was possible to make the desktop windows of my app appear as their own selectable window in Screen Recording apps. So, I tested this with Google Hangouts, as you can select individual application windows for the purpose of screen sharing. My project can create separate Components of each module that are added to the desktop directly. They’re not subclasses of DocumentWindow because I needed to not have the title bar. When I pop them out and check out which windows can be screen-shared via Hangouts, only the main application window shows up as able to be screen-shared. Any ideas for how to possibly set up each app window so they appear to screen-sharing applications as their own application?

Here’s a picture showing what i’m talking about via OBS:

You can see that the LayoutTest application window is what shows up in the list of available windows, even tho my LayoutTest application also includes the Piano Roll Module window at the bottom of the picture, which is its own separate window on the desktop. I’m hoping to make that piano roll module window (or any DocumentWindow that’s on the desktop) appear in the list of available source windows.

A perfect example is how you see in the dropdown list “[OBS] 19.0.3 (mac)” (the main application window), and then you see “[OBS] Properties for Window Capture” right below it.

Figured it out!!


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