Set Scrollbar Thumb Size

Hey guys,

hopefully someone has run into this before, but is there a way set a constant size for a scrollbar thumb?

I'd like to use an image as the thumb, but the dynamic sizing of the thumb is giving me some funky results. Seems it would be easy to do this but I haven't found anything without getting hacky.


Ahh i see now the setCurrentRange,  these don't work on tablelistbox components though? better to just roll my own and connect them?


If you override the scrollbar's look+feel you can draw the thumb however you like.

thanks jules,

yes, I can override the thumb and replace it with my image. The problem is the mousedown is still interacting with the thumbsize which is passed into the look+feel. Is there anyway to set this using a tablelistbox?

seems setCurrentRange & minimumThumbSize aren't doing the trick.