SetControlHighlightInfo for AAX change request?

I’m wondering if it would be feasible to modify the SetControlHighlightInfo() function and the ParameterControlHighlightInfo struct to include the original color index (e.g., AAX_eHighlightColor_Red), so that we can use that to display selected images, as opposed to simply setting a color value? We have graphics that are unique to certain types of controls in order to accomplish highlighting, not just drawing a rectangle or something in code or changing a font color. (We also prefer to choose our own red/green/blue/yellow that look better on our backgrounds than the defaults given in this function.) As it is now (given that I’ve been asked to not modify the JUCE SDK if at all possible), I have to check which color is set in the struct, and decide from that which color index was originally intended. That works, as long as those default colors do not change. Any chance of adding that color index into the struct for cases like ours?

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I would also love to see this.