It seems as though we want setEndToEnd(true) whenever the track is armed for recording. And when the track is not armed, it doesn’t matter.

So, for convenience, I have been setting setEndToEnd(true) for waveInDevices in my editComponent constructor.

For example;

for (int i = 0; i < numWaveInDevices; i++)
	if (auto waveInDevice{ deviceManager.getWaveInDevice(i) })

Everything seems to work fine. Is this a good practice? If not, what are best practices?

Yes, I think that’s fine.
There are some modes where you might still want to be recording but don’t want to hear the device which is why it’s a separate property.

Thank you.

I have also considered tying it to the “Arm” button, so that the track is armed for recording and setEndToEnd(true) is also set. I suppose it is a matter of preference, or use-case specific.

Thanks,…as always, much appreciated.