setLatencySamples - patch to fix bug where automation is disabled

latency.patch (9.1 KB)

This is a patch for 5.4.4 which stops JUCE disabling automation when changing the reported latency with setLatencySamples().

I think it probably ought to use a separate call for latencyChanged notfiication or an enum on audioProcessorChanged - I’ve done it with a bool for now but it’s not very tidy as a result.


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Thanks for this patch! Has it fixed the Ableton-automation-disabled issue for you?

Has anyone at JUCE taken a look at it? We (and I’m sure all JUCE users) would love to have this fix in mainline JUCE; this has been a nagging issue for us over the years.

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I’m pretty sure it worked.

For anyone who reads this later, I believe this was fixed in JUCE here: AudioProcessor::setLatencySamples() disables automation in Ableton (vst & au) - #27 by reuk

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