Setting up: Path for "Xcode (MacOSX)"?

I have made some modifications to the Juce 3.2 files, and need those modified files to be the ones used in my project.  What is the proper way to set up the location of the modules in IntroJucer?   Since I want to use this same set of modified modules for Windows and OS X, how should i set up the paths in the IntroJucer? 

What about the "Create Local Copy" button?   "Add Source to project" button?


I want my juce library and project to be self-contained so i don't have to go thru any extra headaches when I try to compile it for either platform.   And I also want my modified module files to be used every time I create a project.  

FYI I'll be refactoring the way all that stuff works this month.

In the meantime, just set the paths for each module per platform. I'd avoid "Create Local Copy", though, that's something I'd like to phase out.