Setting VS2015 project properties


I have some source on my project that need /clr option, what is the best way to enable it in Projucer?
I added it to “Extra compiler flags”, but since /clr also needs /EHa, and the project is generated with /EHs as default, I had no option but edit the properties on VS.
I guess I should be able to configure all this from Projucer, right? How?


Are you not able to override the /EH setting by also adding /EHa to the extra compiler flags field?

Even if I add “/clr /EHa” on Extra Compiler Flags, it still says /EHs conflicts with /clr. I have to manually configure /EHa on VS.

I’m new to JUCE and Projucer, and understand the idea is that we should not need to configure anything manually, right?

You’ll need to re-order to command line options so that \EHa is before \clr - I don’t have a copy of VS2015 installed to test this with but it worked for me in VS2017.

It worked, thanks!
I don’t need to edit the VS project anymore.

For those who will face the same problem as me, since JUCE is not compatible with /clr, I added this to AppConfig.h to ignore /clr on all juce sources:

#pragma unmanaged

I think that’s something that Projucer could add always, by default. Wouldn’t hurt anything.