ShapeButton Outline

Hey guys,

our button icons usually consist of outlines only. The ShapeButton class supports setting the fill colour for three different states but only a single colour for the outline. In my opinion it would be much more sensible if the outline would be treated the same way as the fill.
Right now I have several alternatives which all seem unnatural, given the nice class at hand:

  • I write my own class, but this feels like a duplication.
  • I convert my icons to be filled paths. But here I loose the ability to set the line thickness in my programm.
  • I change the outline colour based on the current state. Probably the best way for me. But nonetheless somewhat annoying.

I don’t know if this is too much of a change but I would love to see the outline of a shape support 3 different states, just like the fill does.

Maybe the DrawableButton would be a better choice? It’s a bit more work to set it up, but it can display whatever you want for each state.

I really like to set the line thickness in the program to adjust to different layouts without recreating the svg files. I can’t do that with a drawable can I?

Sure, you can modify Drawables any way you need to.