Shift+scroll = velocitySensitive?

I know there aren’t a lot of responses from the team here lately, but if there’s anyone around lately who has a solution for this problem i’d appreciate that a lot. i overrode that method for my slider:

void mouseWheelMove(const juce::MouseEvent& evt, const juce::MouseWheelDetails& wheel) override {
            if (wheel.isInertial)
                if (evt.mods.isShiftDown()) setVelocityBasedMode(true);
                else setVelocityBasedMode(false);
            juce::Slider::mouseWheelMove(evt, wheel);

i expected it to setVelocityBasedMode to true if shift is down while the wheelroll inits, since that’s exactly what my code is saying, lol. well… it does nothing. what is the typical way of enabling this behaviour? oh and btw, you should really change the default-modifier key to shift. who in their right minds uses ctrl for velocitySensitive nowadays (except if shift is desperatedly needed for something else ofc)?

also pls consider adding something so that one can replace the current vecocity-formular with their own lambda, just like in the skew-functionality of the sliders. much better than a method with 3 cryptic variables to edit