ShinyLookAndFeel question

I’m using the ShinyLookAndFeel on my mac windows for the first time, and I"m noticing some oddities that might confuse users:

1)When the juce window isn’t activated, the close/minimize buttons are still colored instead of being grey as they are in real system windows. This makes it harder for a user to find the active window.

2)When a juce window is active, the buttons aren’t as bright as the system provided buttons, so they still appear to be deactivated somehow.

3)The close/minimize buttons get even brighter when the mouse moves over them, unlike system windows.

4)System windows don’t show the “x” or “-” symbols inside them until they’re moused over. Juce windows show the icon inside all the time.

I don’t think 3 and 4 are as important as 1 and 2. I think those two items combine to make it more difficult to know which window is foremost, and hard to tell if a window is active or not.

Is the goal of ShinyLookAndFeel to provide a more Mac-like interface? If so, could it be made to mimic that look a little more closely?

Well it’s not supposed to be an exact copy of the mac, just mac-inspired… I’d like to give it all a bit of an update anyway, when I find some time.

Sounds good. My main reason for posting was that I think the color differences make usage a little more confusing for Mac users.

And I forgot one other detail…in document windows that are dirty (i.e.
changed, and not saved) the red close button gets a dot in it when the
window is frontmost. Otherwise it’s solid red until you mouse over, when
it shows the “x”. That might be nice for documents that don’t otherwise
show their clean or dirty state.