Short term contract ($750-1500) - Hiring JUCE Developer to improve MIDI playback

Hey everyone,

Thanks for taking a moment to read this post!

My name is Ezra and I run a small, bootstrapped MIDI software company. Our MIDI plugin already has a lead developer, so this contract is scoped to a short term project.

Basically, I’m looking for someone who can help us improve the quality of our MIDI playback by designing better virtual instrument patches.

Budget: $750 - 1500 depending on the quality and quantity of instruments
Project scope: We’re looking for someone who can synthesize a collection of 3-5 MIDI instruments for us using the available JUCE libraries.
Project details: The most important thing for us is that your MIDI playback instrument set accounts for staccato (pluck regardless of midi length), legato (sustain for duration of MIDI note and then cut), and reverb (pluck with 25% wet ambience). We’re fine if this is done with a single instrument like a piano or synth keyboard. We don’t want sine/square/sawtooth waves.
Contract details: We will own exclusive rights to the MIDI instruments you create. Your MIDI instrument deliverable must permit unlimited commercial use without license, meaning you can’t deliver an existing instrument someone else built and that may already have a licensing cost associated with it. We’ll ask you to sign an NDA when the contract starts along with an IP release contract prior to starting the work.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can respond here in this thread and let us know or message me directly. Look forward to connecting with you!

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