Show message box when samples not found without open UI


We have a sampler plugin that loads samples from the disk. At the moment we show a file not found component on the plugin UI when a sample is missing. But it seems that’s not enough, because the user has to open the UI to see the problem.
I would like to show at least a message box with a warning when this happens. Other samplers like kontakt have this feature too.

My idea is:
Show a modal warning message direct by the plug-in processor when a preset with missing samples is loaded. This would be a blocking message box that returns when the user press ok. The message box should only show up when the preset was changed or loaded by the host.

I can imagine that i run into different issues when doing something like this?! Any input is welcome!


Plugins that pop up dialog boxes when their GUI is hidden are incredibly annoying. I’d really recommend steering well clear of that behaviour.


I thought something like this but it’s some kind of user request i can understand…

how can you show the user that the plugin was not able to load the preset when he loads an arrangement with a lot of plug-ins inside? Other samplers do this too. Otherwise the musician maybe record or render a track with missing elements.

Is this dangerous and difficult to do?

Set a user flag to enable it perhaps could be a solution? So it’s off by default

Great idea, i will do that. Thanks :slight_smile: