Show parameter value diffrent depending on value

Is there a way to change how a parameter value is displayed in the daw (not the gui of the plugin)?
Here are some examples what I mean:
I have a parameter for a looptime which goes from 0.01ms to 10001 ms, however everything about 10000 means it stops looping. So it would be much better if values from 0.01ms to 999.99 ms are shown as ms and values from 1000 to 10000 as sec and everything about 10000 as freeze.
Another example would be for gain which goes from -71 to 12 now would be nice if the parameter could show values lower than -70 as inf.

Is there a way to do that?

Looking at the documentation in AudioProcessorParameter I think that should be possible

    /** Returns a textual version of the supplied normalised parameter value.
        The default implementation just returns the floating point value
        as a string, but this could do anything you need for a custom type
        of value.
    virtual String getText (float normalisedValue, int /*maximumStringLength*/) const;

    /** Should parse a string and return the appropriate value for it. */
    virtual float getValueForText (const String& text) const = 0;

In AudioParameterFloat this is implemented using the valueToText and textToValue std::function supplied in the constructor.

I don’t understand how this function has any effect on how the parameter is shown in the DAW?