Show Plugin Host Standalone App as a playback device in Windows

Is there a way to select the Plugin Host demo in windows Playback Device or Recording Device? The only option I see is to select the input/output soundcard in app which doesn’t get the desktop audio.

Your question seems unclear. What audio do you want to route to where? Audio from the Plugin Host demo to where? Or audio from other apps (desktop audio) to the Plugin Host?

I would like to route the audio from the desktop to the plugin host.
Also is there a way to have it appear in the Sound Device Menu shown in the Picture?

Sending desktop audio to applications is a function of an audio driver, not an application. If it is available it will show up under the Recording tab, and may have a variety of names, depending on the driver. On my system it is listed as ‘Stereo Mix’, as shown here. If it is available on your system, you would select it as the audio input from within the Plugin Host Demo.

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Windows WASAPI has a loopback capture mode that applications can explicitly use but which JUCE does not currently support. However, even if that was supported, it can mess things up because audio feedback can happen.

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Thank you both.
I guess I would have to make a driver for a virtual soundcard and then select it from the plugin host