Showcasing my latest project: Wusik 4000

Just wanted to share my latest project, fully JUCE based. ;-)

It uses open-source modules, also JUCE based:

And we have a public beta ready for download:


Cool stuff - congrats! I'll add a link to the ecosystem page..

No linux release?

I can help you with linux support if you want, my only OS right now is Linux.


Which license is the modules code released on?


Thanks guys.

Linux, good idea, but give me a week, I'm swamped already, unless we could get some linux users to purchase it. ;-)

As for the license, I have no idea of what license to use, to be honest, could you guys point me out? The idea is that users can't use my code for other commercial stuff, but they can create new modules without problems.

GPL v2+ then I guess, it's the same as juce uses in its opensource version (except for juce_core of course).


Thanks, I just updated the Github files with the GPL info.

Wusik 4000 Public Beta: New set of files uploaded.

October 24 2013 - Beta Version B0004

- Added New Module: [b]Multi Line (Graphical) Envelope[/b] (see the module description for instructions on how to use some of the features).
- Fixed several problems related to custom-area modules.
- Fixed problems with division by zero in some situations. (every single code revised)
- Global Modules (and the Panic option) Menu now shows with any mouse click on an empty area of the main interface.
- New Module SDK Options:
    kSpecialDataShowPopupMenu - After every mouse event, this is sent to check if the module wants to open a popupmenu. EG: "Option1\nOption2\n-\nFinal Option"
    kSpecialDataPopupMenuResult - From the above, if something is selected from the menu, a call is made with the result position starting at 1
    kSpecialDataShowMessage - After every mouse event, this is sent to check if the module wants to show a message box.
    kSpecialDataDisplayLabel - Same as above, but shows a Display Label, like Parameters do.
- Module SDK Updates:
    kSpecialDataExtraModuleData - must return a (char*) in UTF8 format.


We also updated the GitHub Module SDK area:
(for C++ developers)


Wusik 4000 Group-Buy Deal BIG UPDATE: BONUS for the first 120 users! Full Wusik Station V7 (Windows 32 and 64 bits)
Yes, you read it right. For the first 120 users we will give full copies of our legendary Wusik Station V7 Hybrid Sampler/Synthesizer. You will receive the download link right away for Wusik Station.


Current Number of Users: 89
Deadline: December 21st 2013


And for info on Wusik Station V7, visit the following link:

We just uploaded new Wusik 4000 Public Beta Windows files (will do the MAC files later today)
A lot of things done this time!

Wusik 4000 Public Beta Page:

Official Post:

Wusik 4000 + Wusik Station Group-Buy Deal:


October 29 2013 - Beta Version B0008

- Added extra Tooltips for Master Glide and Master Unison, explaining how they work.
- Fixed note hanging problem with Mono Mode with Legato disabled.
- Single OSC Module, added tooltip to the Sync parameter: Resets the waveform position (this is not a toggle button).
- Fixed both Multi Filter "crashing" problems when Rezo near max value.
- Fixed Hide/Show Wires and Layer Selector keyboard shortcuts no longer resets the audio engine.
- Better Global Limiter Code (with visual peak feedback).
- Better Filters Frequency (HZ) Display and also improved code.
- Better Simple Low Pass Filter (Effect) code (based on the JUCE filter).
- Better Over-Sampling Filter (using the code from the above module and ON by default now).
- Single OSC Module: better HQ Mode (ON by default now). Increased Pitch Ranges. Added Octave parameter.
- Fixed LFO Sync not working correctly.
- Fixed problems while tweaking some parameters (eg: the Tune knob would jump from 0 to 2 or 0 to -2 and not show the 1 or -1 value).
- Module SDK changes:
    - added new type of parameter knob: kLedDisplay (this is used by the master limiter to display peaks)
    - Important: replaced all Slider references on the SDK with Knob instead. The XML Skin file was also updated.
- Skin changes:
    - new file LedDisplay.png (this is used by the master limiter to display peaks)
    - new XML option: <VALUE name="LedDisplay Extra Top Offset" val="-15"/>