Showcasing my open source project built with JUCE - The KnobKraft Orm Sysex Librarian

Hi Friends,
hope this is ok to post here, being a long time lurker I have learned a lot in this forum and from this community.

I thought it would be maybe nice if I post a link here for the JUCE software I have been working on hobby-wise the past months - solely developed for my own use, but maybe it is useful for others, the source code is available on Github at

This is mainly a standalone GUI to allow loading patches and communicating via MIDI with the synths, with a little SQlite database backend to store stuff and lots of in depth MIDI implementation of the various synths supported, so anyone wanting to do some serious MIDI with JUCE and looking for example code is welcome to have a look.

Also, and that has been one of the harder learnings I made, because I integrate many third party libraries and I am also developing multiple different projects in parallel, I have forsaken Projucer and use the juce-cmake quite successfully, so if anyone is looking for some real life workable example on how this is done, feel free to check out the CMakeLists.txt files. After all, I integrate more than 10 git submodules, some my own and some third party (JUCE is one of them), and also do (on Windows) download more libraries via the CMake files, making it possible to build the system relatively easy out of the box.

If you just want to glimpse at it in action, I even got around to make my first ever YouTube video for the software, so please be gentle with me :wink: