Hi Jules !!

Is there a reason why you don’t call DeletedAtShutdown::deleteAll() in shutdownJuce_NonGUI() whereas you do it in shutdownJuce_GUI() … ?

Well the only reason is that DeletedAtShutdown is in the gui section of the library, and shutdownJuce_NonGUI() is in the core section. I made it a rule for none of the core libary code to call the gui stuff, so you can build the core section on its own.

Why do you ask?

Cause I’m using a class which inherit from DeleteAtShutdown in a non GUI mode…

I finally call DeletedAtShutdown::deleteAll() before calling shutdownJuce_NonGUI()…

Ok, I see. But if you’re using classes from the non-core section of the library, you should probably be calling the gui startup/shutdown methods.

Ok !

I’ll try to use GUI startup method for classes from non-core section !

thanx for the answer!