Side Panel & Toggle buttons placement and resizing

We use a side panel in our application as a burger menu.

We have a little problem with that, because when it is first opened it get an offset and the placement cannot be changed. This only happens on Linux and Windows, on OSX it works as expected. Below are screenshots.

As you can see this offset will hide a part of the burger menu.
And this is the same Panel on OSX:

Toggle buttons are another problem. It is not possible to resize them, they have a fixed size and location, always on the left (I looked at your source code). The only possibility to make changes seen to be overwriting the LookAndFeel method drawToggleButton (here is no possible to change the button’s size). The call

auto fontSize = jmin (15.0f, button.getHeight() * 0.75f);

auto tickWidth = fontSize * 1.1f;

inside LookAndFeel_V4::drawToggleButton provides always a minimal size.
Toggle Buttons in a highDpi display:

Toggle Buttons in a normal display:

If that a bug or is intended so? Of course it’s possible to override the Toggle Button’s lookAndFeel, by the SidePanel I couldn’t find a solution.


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