Significant drawing slowdown in RectangleList::consolidate

I’m experiencing some fairly extreme slowdown in the drawing of the below app:

The various sections are done as entire Components (i.e. one XY pad and it’s associated Labels and TextEditors are added to a Component, which is itself then added to the DialogWindow’s content component) - could this be a clue to the cause? I wouldn’t have thought I should be having problems with this number of Components - certainly Tracktion seems to do okay with a lot more visual elements.

In the meantime I’ve fixed it by adding the modification suggested by Randy in this thread (I should note I experience it on windows and linux as well, not just OSX), but I’m not really sure what that method is doing, let alone the fix :?.

(you can get the (fixed) app/code from here, by the way)

(also, I’ve only built against JUCE v1.25 so far)

  • Niall.

Try the latest Juce version - I’ve completely rewritten the repainting code in this one… If that’s still slow, I’d like to have a go myself and see if I can find out why.

Ah, just tested on linux, and that seems to fix it :). That’ll teach me to be so hasty in releasing something I don’t bother to build it against the latest JUCE version…

  • Niall.


Nice looking interface, BTW.