Simple "About App" from the app menu


I’m about to launch my first JUCE app, and just noticed it does not have the “About App” item on the app menu (macOS), like 99% of mac app does.
This is very helpful, could be a default in Projucer, please consider!

Here’s a perfect example from a Cinder app:

They’re very easy to create. just add a regular menu item, and make it spawn a DocumentWindow that is added to the desktop. give that DocumentWindow a specialized content component that looks like how you want your About App to look.


The LOE is really, really low on your part. You can hand roll this type of component very quickly and trigger it to show/hide any number of ways.

Also this leaves you the choice, if you prefer to create a DocumentWindow, or rather a semi-transparent Component overlay (my preferred… who wants more windows? :wink: )

I have dozens of openFrameworks and Cinder projects, maybe hundreds of builds, and build information is accessible by default at any time in every single one of them.
It’s not lazyness, just a handy feature request.
Mac users expect the About to be there, because every app has one.

Having the choice of presenting in different ways is great, but nothing by default is not so.

I didn’t say it’s laziness nor did I claim that to be the case! Trust me, I would have said so in the first place!

I’m just stating that it’s such a small feature that you can do it yourself. Also, what should be displayed is open-ended, so however you design it you have the flexibility of doing it whatever way you want. Because of the said open-endedness, if it were up to me, I’d see the request as just because other frameworks do it doesn’t mean JUCE should necessarily: users can desire however many number of things to be shown in there and stylised however many ways.

no problem, I just did mine. thanks for the tips!

If you want the build information for your project, take a look at the ProjectInfo struct in JuceLibraryCode/JuceHeader.h - you can access the info from your code by doing e.g. ProjectInfo::projectName. The Time::getCompilationDate() method is also useful for getting a build date for your app.