Simple chaotic VSTi

Simply vsti that uses pseudo-random generation processes for every single parameter… including filters and oscillators.

Would be pretty fun to see how subtly random it could sound while still being coherent.

perhaps more fun would be to have an adjustable combfilter style arrangement after it such that you could also attempt to pull out useful hamronic content from the noise.

I’m thinking a bunch of random paramters (where random is user definable for each) producing some form of noise. Following that is a comb filter section which follows midi note.

Hrm. I was thinking perhaps of modified noise-sources for the oscillators. Simply take a noise signal and strip non-pitch-related information from it. Then on top with your idea of the comb filter(s) and user-definable params etc…

A sort of subtractive-additive hybrid :slight_smile:

It’d be mighty cpu hungry, but seems like itd be very innovative and quite possibly even a new synthesis concept if developped a bit more.

Thinking on it, the Korg Prophecy can do something like that, but it can only comb filter white noise if memory serves.

If you had instead a couple of free running independently tunable oscillators, that were being modulated by secondary SnH oscillators to produce pitched moving noise to be fed into to Comb I think you’d have something kind of cool.

To make it interesting the modulation oscs would need to be switchable between FM, AM, and ring mod, and would also need to be independently tuneable.

By allowing the user to change the Comb filter’ steepness, and maybe env type (IE pseudo square, saw, sin by adjusting the passthru level for each of the harmonics), amd feedback, you could get some really quite nasty sounds all the way out to straight sine/saw/sqr but with more randomness than a typical vst osc.