Simple Delay Plugin, problems at first Launch of Plugin

I’m a beginner programmer and I started with this project of making a delay plugin. I ran into a problem that I’ve tried to solve for a while but can’t find the problem. If anyone could help me and explain the problem I would be very thankful :slight_smile:

The plugin so far a very simple plugin with feedback and delay time controls.

Link to the code:

This is what happens:
The plugin works as it should if I first change the Feedback Slider and After that change my delay time slider (in that order) and has no audio going into it.
I have no audio going out if I did it in the wrong order (even from other tracks without the plugin).

If I touch the delay time slider first I won’t get any audio at all (no matter if I change the feedback after).
No audio at all = from any track.

If I play audio after launch without touching any sliders the peak meters go off to the roof and stays that way. If I change my sliders in the correct order it works but the meters are still showing at the roof

feedbackValue has no initial default?

double feedbackValue{ 0.0 };