Simple image-based OpenGL animation



I’ve made a simple animation in a normal component. I simply draw an image every 30ms in paint(). It’s quite smooth, but I would like to try and make it smoother.

From what I read on the forum, OpenGL is the way to go for that kind of thing.

But I’m a complete newbie in regard to OpenGL, and I just don’t need all those complex 3d features.

I understand that I must subclass OpenGLComponent and implement a few methods, but I have no clue how to simply draw my image in there, using the OpenGL dialect.

Could anyone help ? Examples or pointers ?


I also only started with OpenGL 2 days ago… Why don’t you just have a look at the JUCE OpenGL Demo? It shows you everything how to integrate OpenGL in JUCE and from then on you’ll find all possible (beginner level) OpenGL tutorials on the net.