Simple problem I hope, but I can't find the ColourIds for the FilenameComponent class

Hello, I’m new to JUCE (and C++ in general if I’m honest) and am trying to change the colour of a FilenameComponent object but can’t find the appropriate colourids. Usually I can check a class and find its colourids within, but I can’t find them for this. Any idea where/what they are or if I should be doing something else?

Only some of the class has colourids with them.
If you want to change the look and feel of the FileNameComponent you need to assign new look and feel to your FileNameComponent.

Create a custom look and feel and override the methods from FilenameComponent::LookAndFeelMethods

A FilenameComponent just contains and resizes a TextButton and ComboBox so call setColour() on the FilenameComponent object using those colourIds.