Simple question about tutorial

Okay, this may seem a bit of a pointless question for such a trivial matter, but I think that’s probably why I’m having a hard time decdiding!

I’ve got the new set of StartingPoint files for my tutorial, using the latest Juce version. The tutorial update will come shortly of course, but before i rewrite it, I’m wondering about the AppSettings part of the files.

I’m not sure if you’ve used them, but basically the AppSettings.h file has just a namespace with some constants in, so that the basic configuration of the app can be edited in one place without hunting through the files and potentially damaging something; as the tutorial files are designed for beginners, they’re not going to understand the Juce methodology until a couple of chapters in, and going through the ApplicationStartup.cpp file might be a bit confusing.

But, it’s not that complicated really. Now the layout has changed, and MainAppWindow is separate from ApplicationStartup, it’s easier to explain to the beginner what parts are contained where, and what they do conceptually. Hunting around is less scary.

So, my simple question is, is the AppSettings.h file redundant (it should go) or is it still as handy as it was with the previous version (it should stay and perhaps be expanded to have more settings). I believe that the last StartingPoint version was used by more than just me when writing applications (when it worked with Juce, that is!), and I expect this version will probably get used too, so I want it to be as good as possible.

I generally think you should reduce the number of files, if you can. Not that it’s terribly complicated either way, but reducing clutter never hurts.

So, I say drop it.