How do I get a simplelistbox to repaint after clicking an item? do I need to pass a pointer to the box (a component) into the model (not a component) or is there a niftier way?

got it!

mouseevent::component::repaint() was the boy.

…well… sort of… bear in mind that the component that receives the click might not always be the same thing it is now, and its place in the component hierarchy could change.

Ah yes fair point.

So best go for the pointer then?

I’d tend to go for a pointer in that kind of situation. Depends on what you’re doing really.

doing nothing scary really. pointer in use now.

list of doodads with a popupmenu that changes their state, which is represented by a change in colour.

Hey talking of colour/color. I spent a long time with Java and got used to using “color” even in day-to-day english (I’m lazy). actually got scolded in 1st year for saying “color” in a comment! (they couldn’t find anything else wrong with my code)

Now youve got me back using colour!

well it’s nice to have an opportunity to force people to spell things properly…