Sleep() in MainComponent (using Tutorial StartingPoint)

Hi there
I’m making a smal app that paints a moving point directly into the MainComponent.
But my point is moving to fast. How can I use the sleep()-method?
I’m using the tutorial StartingPoint-files.

Thanks for the help!

Cheers LukeS

Yikes - sounds like you’re not too familiar with event-driven programming!

Have a look at the component in the juce demo that has a moving blob in it, and see how that’s done. Timers are the way to go, not sleeping!

Thanks for the answer

Actually I’m not very familiar with programming at all. But I try to learn it.
I’ll have a look at the demo app and at the documentation.

Cheers LukeS

It’s working now!
I copied some code form the Demo-App… but at least I know now how it works!
I’ll try now to do it completly myself.

Thaks a lot!
Cheers LukeS