Slider setBounds() strange behaviour


Maybe someone can help me with this…

Basically I have rotary sliders set up so that if you hover or click on them they get bigger. And when the mouse moves away they should go back to normal. So in my rotary look and feel I basically have the following…

if (slider.isMouseOverOrDragging() == true) 
setBounds (newX, newY, newWidth, newHeight);
String name = slider.getName();    //this is for testing purposes
//Setting the slider back to its original dimensions using global parameters set in getProperties()...
int originalWidth = slider.getProperties().getWithDefault(String("origWidth"), -99);
int originalHeight = slider.getProperties().getWithDefault(String("origHeight"), -99);
int originalX = slider.getProperties().getWithDefault(String("origX"), -99);
int originalY = slider.getProperties().getWithDefault(String("origY"), -99);
slider.setBounds (originalX, originalY, originalWidth, originalHeight);	

I have a test in the else statement to test the slider name in the debugger. It is always the first slider! When I comment out the setBounds in the if part it returns the correct slider. So the setBounds() is causing something to happen. Anyone got any ideas?