Slider setting global for all sliders?

Is there anyway to make the setting for Sliders (rotary in my case) to propagate to all the Sliders on my GUI, or have a “global” setting available to all Sliders ? I’m using the popup menu for selecting rotary and velocity mode settings.


Well, you could subclass Slider and set the desired style in the constructor. e.g. a ‘Slider_RotaryByDefault’ class. All instances of that will be the same as Slider but set up as you specified in the constructor.

Doesn’t quite cut it… I need the setting to be adjustable at runtime, but apply to all the Sliders I want. If setVelocityBaseMode and setSliderStyle were virtual, I could override them and propagate that setting to all Sliders within a set. Guess I have to hack juce then… :slight_smile: