Slider (simple) feature requests

  1. The possibility to drag on the label to change the value, which is almost standard in most GUIs.

  2. A pure label only mode (yes i know there are workarounds)

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Actually the first is super easy to implement.
just remove the IF condition, and attach the mouse-lister always (not only for LinearBar)

            // if (style == LinearBar || style == LinearBarVertical)
                valueBox->addMouseListener (&owner, false);
                valueBox->setMouseCursor (MouseCursor::ParentCursor);


perhaps you can do that directly in your lookandFeel createSliderTextBox() implementation?

yes, i could try attaching i the listener in the the LnF-class, but feels a little bit messy if the slider may change it internals in the future. Thanks!

The slider-class is almost perfect, but it’d be great if it could be developed further, and adapt modern GUI approaches like dragging on label/label only mode.

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