Slider text box not painting in Audio Parameter tutorial

I am trying the AudioParameter tutorial (, and having some graphics issues.

The slider’s text box paints only when I click in it (white text on black background); it goes blank (white) when it loses focus. It does this both in Plugin Host and in Reaper. VST, VST3, and AU all do this.

In the version with InvertPhase (GainProcessor_04.cpp, GenericEditor_04.h), the button does not paint at all in Plugin Host, although “Show All Parameters” does list the parameter. Likewise in Reaper, the Invert Phase parameter does not appear, though it shows up when you turn off the UI.

What am I missing?

JUCE 5.0.2
OS X 10.11.5
Xcode 7.0
Reaper 5.40

This will be fixed on the next website update - the tutorial code in the zip file is using a white background, which doesn’t work well with the new JUCE 5 colour scheme.