Slider text box outline custom color

Hi all,
I’m trying to change the outline color for the slider text box, but it seems that lf.setColour(Slider::textBoxOutlineColourId, Colour::red) doesn’t change the slider outline color? Is there something I’m missing? Also is there a way of changing the format inside the test box?

Make sure, you either set the colour before creating the slider, or before you apply the lookAndFeel to the slider.
The colour is only propagated to the textBox, when lookAndFeelChanged() of the slider is called:

Which calls this:

What did you mean by format? like the text? So I think the only option is to inherit the Slider and override the valueToText() and textToValue() methods…


Indeed, that’s the reason… I did the color change after :confused:
Thanks for the pointer!

For the format, I just noticed that it is based on the precision of the parameter range, so I’ll change it.