Slider value popup display within CallOutBox

Hello, I have an issue where slider value popup display is not shown on top of all the components if being part of a CallOutBox. Basically, slider is created and popup display enabled with setPopupDisplayEnabled (true, nullptr). CallOutBox is then launched asynchronously via CallOutBox::launchAsynchronously with slider contained and when moving the slider handle popup display for slider’s value is being shown below the CallOutBox (instead on top of the CallOutBox component).

Any idea how to make slider’s value popup display on top of CallOutBox and not behind?

Thank you

You can give a parentComponent to the popup via setPopupDisplayEnabled():

void setPopupDisplayEnabled (bool shouldShowOnMouseDrag,
                             bool shouldShowOnMouseHover,
                             Component* parentComponentToUse,
                             int hoverTimeout = 2000);

So you can probably pass your calloutbox there, and the popup will be added to it as a child, that should resolve the issue.

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Thank you very much! It worked!