sliderRegionStart always >= 2?


I have a very simple LnF where I use rectangles for both horizontal and vertical sliders.

I’m using Slider::getLinearPosition() for the drawing. and getLinearPosition uses sliderRegionStart as its reference instead of 0.

the problem is that there is an additionnal indent:

calculated like that:

getSliderThumbRadius() already returns 0 in my LnF, but I still have that 2 pixel offset.

it would be great to be able to get rid of that “+ 2” in Slider::resized();

yes, that is in the wrong place. I think what I’ll do is take it away, but make the L+F return a bigger number for getSliderThumbRadius(), whilst drawing the actual graphics a bit smaller. That’ll keep it all in the l+f and away from the slider code.