Slides from the last Timur's talk at C++ Now 2016


I have a request for @timur. Would it be possible to have an access to your presentation material, from the C++ Now 2016 talk called “C++ Performance in Practice: Align, Vectorise, Cache, Jump!” ?

Thanks in advance !



I didn’t realise this talk had occurred. Is there any footage anywhere ?



Unfortunately, the recording of that talk is not yet online, and I have no way of knowing when it will be. However, whenever this happens, I’ll make sure to let you know!


Up now: Timur's C++Now 2016 Talk Now Available: Align, Vectorise, Cache, Jump!


Thanks for giving the information :wink:

The presentation is actually very good, and there are even some hints inside about what the JUCE team is working on :heart_eyes:


I noticed that there are some slides that were glossed over in the talk that are missing from the ones put up for download (

Is there any chance the full deck could be uploaded? There was some stuff about virtual functions for instance.