Small inconsistence between develop and master branches on 4.3.1?

I noticed that you have merged develop into master today, dubbing it version 4.3.1.

I therefore expected the two following commits to have the exact same content:

  • the one on develop right before the merge (03b0df1205e00fcf4501be5e144696bf79142b8e)

  • the actual merge commit, done on master (fc9937d83201331eb00303b0fbc1b77d47ae27ac)

Instead, what seems to me is that the latter one lacks the method getNumberOfKeywaves() from juce_PhysicalTopologySource.cpp, which is instead present on develop.

That is hard to notice at first given the big amount of files that are changed in the merge commit, but if you diff the two commits (easy to do with a GUI like SourceTree), then the result is apparent:

Ah, that was just an old method that accidentally got left behind from some early test development. It shouldn’t cause any issues either way but thanks, we’ll tidy it up.

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