Small Toolbar request

When using toString() to save the toolbar state, it would be nice if it saved the option: {display labels on the buttons, just buttons, just labels} and was able to restore it. Now it just saves the items on the toolbar.

Well, no… that method was never designed to save the entire state of the toolbar. I don’t think it would make sense to combine the user’s runtime choices with other properties that your app sets programmatically.

But the order and the list of items on the toolbar is returned by that string, so why not the setting how to show those items ? It’s all edited using the attached editing component, i’m not using anything apart from the native JUCE method here.

Maybe i wasn’t clear or something i’m talking about the settings from the standard customization dialog (the settings changed via the combo):

Are those settings in the combo somehow special ?

Oh yeah… I’d forgotten that the combo contains those settings. Ok, fair enough point, but v. low priority for me, I’m afraid…