Small typo in juce demo


It seems like there is a typo in the LookAndFeelDemo.cpp file of the JuceDemo. For the background of the horizontal slider in the custom look and feel to work, this code (lines 213-215): 

if (slider.isHorizontal())
    const float iy = x + width * 0.5f - sliderRadius * 0.5f;

should actually read: 

if (slider.isHorizontal()) 
    const float iy = y + height * 0.5f - sliderRadius * 0.5f;

Since the demo doesn't display horizontal sliders, this was easy to miss ;)

Should I have done a pull request for this?



(No, please don't send us pull requests, all the work happens on our internal repo, not github. I'll sort this out!)