Smartphone fall detection

Hello everyone,

I need to write a program on C and vhdl to detect the fall of a smartphone, with an interruption.
I know the physics behind it but the programming and interruption parts have me loss. How can I implement this in C?

Thank you in advance

Sounds like you are programing an FPGA based system, maybe some kind of soft-core with custom VHDL-based logic tightly connected to the CPUs interrupt facility :thinking: Of course nothing that targets an out-of-the box smartphone, I don’t know where you would use VHDL if you don’t develop your own ultra-low-level hardware stuff. JUCE is a C++ library to build applications, so what is your motivation to ask for help with a C/VHDL task on the JUCE forum? Do you even plan to use JUCE for any part of your work?